Easter Break and SANSA

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Easter Break and SANSA

It’s been a while…

Ok, I don’t even want to say how long it has been since I last posted. Among trips, lots of work and stress I barely have had time fir myself. But just as I have to prepare class to go back to school again after a long and well-deserved Easter Break I’m taking a few minutes to write again.

So last week I had an awesome time with my hubby and friends Carlota and Beto. We went to Carlota’s flat on the beach and I must say that time there flies differently. It’s faster and slower at the same time. We had an awesome paella at a cute little restaurant next to the beach. We could see the waves dancing as we were enjoying ourselves and having that delicious paella. I got to meet some of Carlota’s friends who are awesome and I’m even gonna try sub-aquatic rugby next Friday. So as I prepare class and prepare myself to go back to the battlefield at school I think of those amazing days we spent together and at least I can say i really had the opportunity to disconnect from the stress that has been ruling my life lately.

We even practice some acro yoga at the beach and had a lot of fun! I’ve seen that when I’m relaxed I can do my asanas much better! We really had a blast!

Β  2015-04-04 13.59.44-1 2015-04-02 20.16.532015-04-02 19.03.51 2015-04-03 13.10.45 2015-04-03 13.39.18 2015-04-04 14.05.16 2015-04-04 14.04.42-1 2015-04-03 14.45.16 2015-04-03 14.31.51 2015-04-03 14.29.02 2015-04-04 15.10.30 2015-04-04 14.18.41-1 2015-04-04 14.14.05-1 2015-04-04 16.24.18-1 2015-04-04 19.28.58


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