Underwater Rugby

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So it’s 1.10 pm in the afternoon. It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I’m quite tired and sleepy, my legs and arms ache and I still feel some water in my ears. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

So when I was in Sant Salvador I met this pretty cool girl named Eli. She plays for a local subaquatic rugby team here in Barcelona; I must say I was quite surprised when I heard about it. I had no idea such a sport could exist. So she invited my friend Beto and me to try it. And we did, yesterday.

I have to admit that I was interested, I couldn’t imagine the logistics or the training need for a sport like that. I’m not in shape nor fit and I have difficulties while running of hiking, I do yoga which is quite the opposite to what I was supposed to do in this new sport. While my hubby was driving me to the pool I thought: “What am I getting my self into?” I certainly thought I wasn’t going to like it and that by the end of that long hour I would be relieved cuz I won’t have to try that again. I promised that I would go and I couldn’t chicken out at the last minute. The pool is not close to my place, the training starts at 10 p.m. So after a long week of dealing with little rascals my head is usually about to explode andΒ  I only can think of having dinner and going to bed as soon as possible. But i was rather surprised when all those thoughts were drawn away by the cold water as I dived into the pool. Despite the fact of having no idea of what I was supposed to do I thought that my first day at subaquiatic rugby wasn’t that bad. I really had a good time, I had a blast actually and I loved it! I can’t hardly wait to try that again. I guess is good to try new things and defeat that laziness that sometimes kinda rules your daily routine…UV-rugby


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