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Crochet Patterns

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Today I feel like crochetting all day!!! These are some patterns for these kind of days 🙂 enjoy!




Crochet frame tutorial

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I’ve been crocheting a lot these days and I want to share it with you! These frame are so cute and easy to make! Give ’em a shot!



  • Yarn
  • G hook
  • Scissors
  • Old bracelet (I used and old one but if you don’t have one you can always get some at the thrift store)


First of all make a not and get you hook inside it.


Then make a slip stitch around the bracelet.


Once you have the yarn around the bracelet, continue with single crochet all the way around.


Continue until you’ve covered the whole bracelet. Be careful not to leave loose stitches because then you’ll see parts of the bracelet.


Join with a slip stitch.


Now, here comes the tricky part. Skip 2 stitches and make 6 double crochet in the next stitch.


Skip 2 stitches and make a slip stitch.


Continue until you’re done with the whole bracelet. When you’re done join with a slip stitch. For the little hanger make 10 chain stitches and join with a slip stitch.


You can print cute things to paste, photos make you own art! Here’s what I’ve done 🙂 Enjoy!


Steam punk street

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Day 2 at Fiestas de Gracia and I think I found my favorite street!!! It’s a kind of a steam punk decorative theme. The street’s name is Mozart and I hope it wins the decoration competition.

If you ever come to Barcelona or if your live here I highly recommend a small restaurant in Gracia near to the main square (plaça del Ayuntament). It’s called “La Singular” and believe me: you won’t be disappointed. I had lunch there and it was amazing!
Chichen salad with figs and Gorgonzola cheese, then lamb with yoghurt sauce an almonds, pumpkin and lettuce leaves, and finally banana and chocolate cake!!! Yummers! So give it a shot if you’re around!!!

Then I found the Mafalda street before coming back home. And since I have a horrible back ache I did some crochet… I’ll post the tutorial soon 🙂









Crochet Flower Tutorial

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ImageIt’s only 12.30 and I’m exhausted already! It’s my yoga teacher’s fault! Oh well! I feel like crocheting all afternoon! So If you feel like it too here’s a little pattern for a crochet flower. A nice girl share it with me and now I share it with you! Enjoy! 🙂 Image

DIY Minion Slippers

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I’ve already confessed that I’m a huge Minion fan!!! So this weekend I made myself some cute slippers 🙂 Here’s the tutorial!!




  • Blue, yellow, white and gray yarn. I used ROWAN HANDKNIT COTTON
  • G hook
  • Two buttons
  • Scissors and needle

Using the yellow yarn
R1- Magic circle with 5 SC
R2- 2 DC in each stitch around (10 stitches)
R3- 2 DC in each stitch around (20 stitches)
R4- 2 DC in the next stitch and DC in the next one. Continue 2 DC and DC until you you reach the end (30 stitches)
R5-R11– DC in each stitch
Finish with a SS cut and hide remaining yarn. Now we change to blue.

R12– DC in the next 22 stitches. Chain and turn. (This will be R13) This is how we start the middle gap.

R14-R21– Continue with the DC.

Now this will be for a size US 7 for an extra size add 2 rows. 1 Row for 1/2 size.

Finish by sewing with a needle the two ends to create the heel.


Here you can play a little bit. I made a single eyed minion, but you can crochet anything you want.

With magic circle I started with the white yarn 4 rows and then 2 more rows with the gray one. Finally I sewed the buttons in the middle, sew the eye to each slipper and make some stitches to make the straps in the eye’s side.

Et voila! Enjoy! 😀

Minion mania

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I absolutely love minions!! So yesterday I made one amigurumi minion!!