Els nous encants vells

I’ve always loved flea markets, and there’s one particular market here in Barcelona that I absolutely adore! It’s called “Els Encants Vells”

I’ve found here tons of objects and materials for my shop as well as good old books I never though I’d see again! From cloths to old LP, fabric, antiques, movies and sewing material, this market is one of my favorite places in the world.

I remember when I saw this awesome weird shoes!!! Image

I got this Polaroid which still works for 3 euros!


The awesome thing about this place is that you never find the same stuff. They always change the things! Most of the antiques are from old houses whose owners died and none claimed their belongings. At least their precious objects find a new home this way. I’d love to see all the hidden stories and secrets this valuable objects hide!

ImageI’ve also bought lots of video games and game-boys πŸ™‚




Well this wonderful place was placed into a bigger and modern spot last week, next to where it used to be. I went with my hubby to check it out last Saturday. And well I must say I prefer the old one. This new place is huge!!! It was packed! It was quite an experience to go through it!





I bought this classic from my childhood!

ImageAnd well I guess I’ll have to get used to the new encants! πŸ™‚





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  1. What does “Els nous encants vells” mean?

    I think flea markets are cool. However, I think there’s a very thin line between an antique or an oddity and trash. For instance, is that cup from the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki an antique or a health hazard with all the mold it has?

    Also, you never know where that stuff has been.

    By the way, did you buy those shoes or just photographed them?


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