Daily Archives: September 28, 2013

I need more time

Who hasn’t heard it before? I need more time

I need more hours in my days… Lot’s of people say that. I do need more time! Among teaching, yoga, chores and projects I barely have time for my crafting and blogging… 😦

I wish I could organize my classes better but it’s not 100% up to me, some of my students (or should I say all of ’em) have quite different schedules.

I have to say that also the whole photo-shoot thing kept me pretty busy and focused. And even though we’re finish taking pics we were highly disappointed by someone who was supposed to help us with the final Photoshop details. That person was supposed to get payed and everything, is not that he was gonna make it as a favor or for free, but he wasn’t taking the job seriously enough and he ended up ruining the pretty pictures we made. Lame excuses were made and I must say that I expected much more from this guy (based on previous work he’s done).

Oh well, the good thing is that we found someone professional who is doing it right. I’m still a bit pissed because we wasted our precious time with the other guy… But there’s no point in wasting my energy on that…

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend! I’m trying! 🙂 Image