Letters and postcards nostalgia

I’ve always loved receiving mail, and I don’t mean bills! LOL! It all started when I was 10 years old and we did a project in School about mail. Now I ask my friends and family to send me postcards when they travel.

I discovered Postcrossing about a year ago and I love to meet new people. I started swapping letters about 2 months ago and I really enjoy having pen pals.
There’s just something about the old fashioned way that I absolutely love.

Today I sent a letter to the Netherlands and a postcard to Czech Republic and I got many cute postcards!!!



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  1. That’s actually really cool. I used to love mailing letters to my relatives out of town growing up.

    Have you ever been stuck with a weirdo, though? Someone that sends you their toenail clippings or strands of dandruff-ridden hair?

    Has it ever happened to you that you mail someone and then never hear back from them again? Does that hurt your feelings?

    Keep up the good writing!
    I love your blog posts.

    • Hello Petit Bourgeois!

      Thank God I’ve never received creepy things! No weirdos so far 🙂
      There’s one friend from Florida who hasn’t written in a while and well I hope she is ok and she writes back soon.
      So you also like mailing! maybe you can be my new pen pal! 😀


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