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I’ve been living in Barcelona for more than 6 years and I never thought that I’d say this: I miss home sometimes.
Just a few would understand why this is so hard to admit, but for those who are familiar with my city and the society there know exactly what I mean. Most people that had come to Barcelona manage to stay here. They just don’t like Monterrey.

Obviously I don’t miss those bad things. I miss my family, my friends and the food! I love Barcelona, but sometimes I need a bit of Mexico. I’ve got two good friends living here as well, Beto and Pablo, and since summer is almost over we had awesome plans for the weekend.

We went to the beach and we jumped waves and swam for a while.

Then we had lunch in this amazing Mexican place, we also had ice cream (spicy) and we weren’t disappointed.

Finally we went to the movies and watched WORLD WAR Z. It was a good day.




Hotel Vela


La Heladeria Mexicana


Torta de carne al pastor con frijoles, aguacate, queso y chile chipotle


Mexican Ice cream


Pablo was sad cuz he couldn’t have ice cream


Beto and me enjoying our delicious ice cream


La heladeria mexicana


Mexican Food


Beto was eating our popcorn!!!!


The Mexican dudes Marcelo, Beto and Pablo


Movie time!


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  1. What do you specifically miss from Mexico? Besides family and friends?


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