Steam punk street

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Day 2 at Fiestas de Gracia and I think I found my favorite street!!! It’s a kind of a steam punk decorative theme. The street’s name is Mozart and I hope it wins the decoration competition.

If you ever come to Barcelona or if your live here I highly recommend a small restaurant in Gracia near to the main square (plaΓ§a del Ayuntament). It’s called “La Singular” and believe me: you won’t be disappointed. I had lunch there and it was amazing!
Chichen salad with figs and Gorgonzola cheese, then lamb with yoghurt sauce an almonds, pumpkin and lettuce leaves, and finally banana and chocolate cake!!! Yummers! So give it a shot if you’re around!!!

Then I found the Mafalda street before coming back home. And since I have a horrible back ache I did some crochet… I’ll post the tutorial soon πŸ™‚










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  1. These are amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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