My lucky day and some childhood memories

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Some people don’t know that Barcelona is a great place to find vintage stuff, antiques and old goodies. But not only in markets or shops also laying in the street. It sounds strange, but people leave boxes with clothing, furniture, books… My hubby found a beautiful chair a while ago, one of my best friends, Bego, found an awesome antique mirror and well many stuff has been found in the streets of GrΓ cia (a popular neighborhood in Barcelona, I highly recommend it for its cute shops, restaurants, bars).

Oh well! back to the whole lucky day thing :p

Today I had breakfast with my cousin Lily and when I was coming back home I found a pile of books next to a small alley. And I was very surprised as I saw two of the books I used to read when I was a little girl the Trixie Belden Mystery Collection. I couldn’t believe, cuz I had been looking for these for ages! The antique shops said they were hard to find but that they’ll give me a call if they got any. And well today just like that, those books were waiting for me to pick them up and take them home. They are from different collections as you can see, one is in Catalan and the other one in Spanish.Β  I’m beyond happy!!! Can’t wait to read them!!! As soon as I saw them lots of memories were triggered. Image

For those who don’t know about Trixie Belden here is a little summary:

Trixie Belden is the title character in a series of ‘girl detective’ mysteries written between 1948 and 1986. The first six books were written by Julie Campbell Tatham, who also wrote the Ginny Gordon series, then continued by various in-house writers from Western Publishing under the pseudonym Kathryn Kenny. Today the rights to the series are owned by Random House. The series was completely out of print for a number of years, but Random House began releasing a new edition of the books in summer of 2003. As of summer, 2006, volumes 1-15 have been reissued.[1] Fans of the series hope to see all thirty-nine volumes reprinted, especially the hard-to-find volumes 35-39.

Trixie is a young teen living just outside the fictional town of Sleepyside-on-Hudson, in the Hudson River Valley area of New York. She lives at Crabapple Farm, which had been in her family for either three or six generations (this varies between books), with her parents and three brothers, Brian, Mart, and Bobby. The first book establishes her friendship with lonely, sheltered rich girl Honey Wheeler whose family has just moved into the Manor House next door and soon the girls are embroiled in their first case.

Throughout the series, the two girls solve mysteries that baffled authorities and, along with brothers and friends, formed a club called the Bob-Whites of the Glen, have adventures, travel (though not as extensively as Nancy Drew, an older and more sophisticated girl sleuth), and struggle with school. Trixie had particular difficulties with math.

With the advent of internet fan-supported websites, many Trixie Belden related sites have been created. On many of these sites, comparisons are made between Trixie and Nancy Drew. Fans of Trixie Belden usually cite her more realistic persona as a teenager who grumbles about chores and is often frustrated by life with both older and younger brothers. Trixie also experiences some insecurity about her looks, often comparing herself unfavorably with her friends, Honey and Diana, who are regarded as more obviously attractive. On some sites, there is a tradition of regarding Nancy Drew’s character as a persona non grata. She is facetiously referred to as “Nancy Who?”

source Wikipedia


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