Stuffed eggplant recipe

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So yesterday I had a 2 hour yoga class and I was starving!!! Since it was around 2 o’clock I decided to cool something yummy and my body was asking for some meat! So I cooked stuffed eggplant with a béchamel sauce. Here’s the recipe.


Ingredients (for 2)


  • 1 big egg plant
  • Half an onion
  • Grounded meat (I used pork sausages)


  • 125 ml of milk
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • A bit of salt
  • A bit of nutmeg

Cut the eggplant in two halves and cut all the pulp leaving two kind of bowls.

Dice the eggplant and put if in a pan with some olive oil and a bit of water.

When the water is evaporates dice the onion and add it to the eggplant. Do not overcook.
When cooked put it in a small bowl.

Cook the meat, add a bit of salt and when it is well done add the onion and eggplant mix.


Stuff the eggplant bowls.



Use a small pot to melt the butter, when it’s melted pour the milk. Add some salt.


Add the flour little by little so it would mix properly. You don’t want flour balls!
When it’s well mixed add some nutmeg.


Cover the eggplants with the béchamel.


Preheat the oven 150 C and bake for 15 min.




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  1. annikaacbblogs

    I would have never thought of spooning out the eggplant and stuffing it. What a great idea! I’m definitely trying that soon 🙂

  2. annikaacbblogs

    Reblogged this on Food, Recipes, Etcetera… and commented:
    Thanks to this lovely lady for the idea. Stuffed eggplant.. 😀 Don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but it sounds delicious. I’ll do a blog on my version of this recipe soon!

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