DIY Patchwork Skirt Tutorial

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As I promised! Here is the patchwork skirt tutorial.


*12 frabric squares 20×20 cm (8x8in)
*Wide elastic ( measure your waist to know the lenght, I use a 5 cm (2in) wide elastic)
*Sewing machine


Cut your 12 fabric squares. Combine the fabrics as you like.



Sew rows of 3 squares


Step 4

Sew 2 lines of squares together. Now you’ll have 2 large pieces of 2×3 squares.
Then sew the sides to have complete it.
Now we just need to add the elastic! Sew the elastic’s sides together to have a circle.
Since the elastic circle will be smaller than the fabric one use pins to fold little pieces of the skirt in order to fit inside of it. Then sew the elastic.
Finally fold the bottom and set it!



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