DIY Jewelry box Tutorial

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Hello everyone! I’ve needed a new jewelry box for a while, but I didn’t find one that I really liked. So I decided to make my own with a cute geometric pattern! Here it’s the tutorial. I hope you like it!

Step 1



You will need:

*Acrylic paint


*A wooden box

* Varnish

* Pencils (one B and one HB)

* A black Sharpie ( regular one)

* A small ruler

* And finally your geometric pattern. I did mine using InDesign and printing it.

Step 2


Use your HB pencil and turn your pattern. Color the area where the pattern is.

Step 3


Once you got you stencil ready you’ll need some tape. I like this Scotch one that isn’t too sticky. That way you won’t have glue over you box.

Step 4


Once you put your stencil and taped it to the wooden box, you’ll need your H pencil and a ruler. Trace the pattern with a nicely sharpened pencil. Remove the stencil when you’re done.

Step 5


Paint the triangles with the colors you’ve chosen. Then when they are all dry use the Sharpie to trace the lines. Finally use some varnish to give it a nice finish. Enjoy your new cute box!!!






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